Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogging at the End of the List

Keeping a diary was never my forte, and blogging is about the same. With April, comes the new school year here in Japan. Nozomi and Makoto are pretty well settled into their new routines. Long days for high schoolers, which also lengthens the day for the parents who have to shuttle them to and from school (because it's more economical than public transportation). Just when I thought I was getting into the rhythm, I started a sore throat.

Thanks to another timely blog on the miracle cure,

I gave it a try. Only got worse! The past two nights I spent most of the time coughing, had a few breathing fits, and this morning my husband took me to the hospital.

Being the weekend, the staff was not the same as on weekdays. I've been seeing a doctor for suspected asthma for about four years now, I think. That's the hospital I went to today. I was given an IV, which was supposed to stop my coughing. It didn't. The doctor then suggested that I be admitted. For two weeks. For observation. Wow! That's a long time to be observed.

I came home with 3 days of medication, and I'll go back again on Tuesday. I don't know why, but it seems like I get something like this that poops me out when it's time to be productive and on the go! Instead, I get put in the back seat -- literally, and my family has to cover for me. Well, that's the good part, but it's going to make their days a bit tougher in the next few weeks.

Thanks for the yummy supper tonight, girls! And for doing the laundry, son. And the dishes, Dad.

PS. I forgot to add thanks to Nozomi for doing a lot of the taxi service for her little brother! Tonight she gave us her milage update. Last week whe had been getting about 16 kilometers per liter of gas. This week a little over 18 km per lr, because she turned off her engine at all stop lights. Toot, toot!