Monday, March 2, 2009

A BIG This-and-That Week at Our House

Ai came home from school feverish last week Thursday. Friday the doctor confirmed that she has influenza, and she is quite tired of be sick and tired by now.

Today Nozomi graduated from high school. Anata and I went to the ceremony and the reception in the gym afterwards. After that we went home and nodded off for a while.

Tomorrow Megumi and her boyfriend will arrive in Japan and take the shinkansen up to stay with us for 4 weeks! The siblings are excited. It's nearly 3 years since they've seen their big sister.

Thursday Makoto will be taking his last high school entrance exam. Saturday will be his junior high school graduation ceremony.

And finally on Sunday we will have a BIG celebration with sekihan (azuki bean rice), o-sashimi, and beer as long as no one else gets influenza!


Red said...

Enjoy your time with your oldest daughter! Oh boy... two graduations at once! Congrats to them both :)

Raggedy Lamb said...

Thanks, Red. Megumi called at 2am to say they were boarding the plane! Hopefully they'll be walking through the door 12 hours from now!

Anonymous said...

Raggedy Lamb,

What a wonderful time for celebration (except for the flu)!

I hope you have a terrific time!

Savor every moment.

Thursday's Child said...

Mabrook to the kids! How long will Megumi be home?