Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Do You Read the Bible?

How do you read the Bible?  Do you read it as though it's just a literary work, a book of long-ago myths?  Do you read it as a manual?  Is it a how-to book so that you can attain a life of purpose and personal fullfillment?  Do you read it because someone told you that you have to, or God will not come to your aid?  Do you read it as a check list?  Is it the way that you tally all the good things you have done, and make public what a good person you are?  Are you determined to be in the Book of Life because you've read the Bible cover to cover, inside out and have memorized a million verses?  Or do you just want to know Jesus and His love for you, and not only you, but the whole world?  Here's "What the Bible is Bascially About!"