Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are My Kids Eligible?

I often joke that in our family of 6 we have 5 Japanese and 5 Americans. Hmmm? It's this way. Dad and the four children are Japanese. Mom and the four children are American. At least, the children are able to hold dual citizenship in accordance with each country that issues their passports. So, that means they can continue being both US and Japanese citizens in America's view. And Japan states that they must chose one or the other at the age of 22. Figure that one out yourself, I guess.

Anyway, one of the topics we have pondered is: Wouldn't it be something if one of the children became the Prime Minister of Japan, and another the President of the United States, serving at the same time? Goofy talk around the dinner table really.

That is what initially led me to take an interest in Barack Obama's situation. A judge has set a tentative date, January 26, 2010, for his trial. Is he a citizen of the United States of America? What will transpire?



Steve said...

I would give anything if one of your kids were President of the U.S....right now...whatever age they are.

I think Obama is the 2nd Kenyan to win the Peace Prize.

There..that's my opinion. (fwiw)

Anonymous said...

I backlinked to your blog from mine (Bare Naked Islam) and was surprised to see you are living in Japan. I lived there a long time ago as a student at Waseda University and I miss Japan very much.
I used to be fairly fluent but not so much anymore. Nice to find a fellow blogger in Japan.
Doozo yoroshiku.

Raggedy Lamb said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. At this point, none of them are willing or ready for the job. Let us pray for the man who now holds the office of the President of the United States. That is what we are commanded to do.

And let us pray that the truth will be known, that the USA and her Consitution will not fall apart.

Raggedy Lamb said...

Hello Bonni,
Yoroshiku to you, too. Thank you for your blog. I read a lot of blogs and hardly ever comment. In fact, I don't really know what I am doing!

So, Waseda, huh? No wonder you have such a good mind and an innovative blog. Thanks for all your hard work in shedding light on the ideology of Islam.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, RL. Now I'll know who one of those lights in Japan are coming when I check my site meter. What city are you in?

Raggedy Lamb said...
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Anonymous said...

Got it, RL. I understand about your family. I don't even tell the hubby about all the death threats I get on the blog.

I hope someday I can go back to Japan for a visit.

Say, did you ever hear of the Japanese manga (Nyarome) cartoonist Akatsuka Fujio? He was a good friend of mine though last I heard he had cancer so I guess he's died by now. We used to go drinking together and having fugu all the time.

Anonymous said...

RL, I thought you might enjoy this post: