Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthday Week

On August 7th, one of my nieces (also my Goddaughter) celebrated her 18th birthday.  When did she grow up?  On the 11th, my husband had his big day.  For once all of us were home to eat the evening meal together.  Cake at 9:00 p.m. was a bit late, but he blew out all 8 of his candles.  (I couldn't afford to buy 53 candles.  Plus the cake was not even big enough for more than 10.  I don't know why Ai put only 8 on the cake, but that's what it was.)  On the 15th, another niece will be having her 14th birthday.  She spent the early part of her summer vacation on the border of life or death when she had to have emergency brain surgery.  She's back home now and recuperating rather well.  A wonderful miracle.

But, the birthday I really want to mention belongs to Rifqa Bary.  She has been through a very difficult year, and now she has been awarded her freedom.  I think of her often, and shall continue to hope and pray that she will be well.  God bless her and all the people that helped her arrive safely to see 18.

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