Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Swine Flu Again - It's Kind of Like Recycling

No, the vaccine itself is not what's recycled. It's the whole rigmarole. In the late 1970s it was pretty much limited to America; thirty years later it extends to the entire globe! Of course, we should be following healthy hygiene - washing hands after using the toilet and before eating, to name the most obvious. But am I the only one that thinks with every change of the season, some new "fatal disease" will put an end to a large number of the world population is going a bit extreme?

The following clips are from a U.S. television program called, Sixty Minutes on the swine flu vaccine debacle in the late 1970s.

HT Dr. Mercola


Steve said...

Swine flu, SARS, Bird flu.

I know I am missing many, many more.

Some people make really good livings scaring people half to death.

Jeff9 said...

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Steve said...

Swine flu???

Do we not realize that the temperature could rise a couple of degrees today and the world could be doomed!!!

Let's prioritize our calamities.

Anonymous said...

A good piece on the Swine flu.