Friday, November 27, 2009

Japanese DRAGnet: Undercover Cover Girl Cops

Here is the recent attempt at fighting crime in Japan.

Good luck running in high heels.

Nagoya policemen dress in drag to nab purse snatchers

An all-male police squad dressed as women has been deployed in Nagoya with the goal of catching attempted purse snatchers. The policemen, dressed in short skirts, stockings, high heels, wigs and carrying designer bags, have been walking the streets of Nagoya since last month in a bid to lure bag snatchers.

One 26-year-old officer said: “It’s cowardly to target women who are weak.” Another 25-year-old policeman admitted that he “panicked” when a male driver propositioned him from his car.

The unit consists of four male officers who are at least 160 cm tall. They all have a black belt in judo, karate or some other martial art. The squad works out of Naka police station which is in the center of Nagoya’s entertainment district.

A spokesman for the police said that the squad has so far failed to nab any would-be thieves.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thanksgiving 2009 in Japan

My college roommate wrote me today:

I don't think you celebrate thanksgiving in Japan. It is Thanksgiving here tomorrow. I am thankful that I met you in college. I remember when you would say it's almost Friday even if it was only Monday.

Me, too. I am very thankful that I met her way back then, too. Funny thing, I don't really remember saying "it's almost Friday." Sometimes I would like to go back, spend a day in my past and know what was said.

Maybe not.

But today it was nice. Very nice to hear from Karen, my college roommate in our sophomore year.

We were sophomores.

That says it right there!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Cards for Rifqa

There's a card you can download by clicking the title link above. I think I'll send my own.

Rifqa Bary
c/o Franklin County Child Services
855 W. Mound
Columbus, OH 43223

HT Pamela Geller

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Use Styrofoam to Promote a Convenient Lie

Actually: How to Use Computer Graphics....
Silly me. It wasn't styrofoam afterall.