Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ganbatte Nozomi!

My senior-in-high-school daughter and I have a deal where I give her a monthly lunch allotment. It's up to her to get her own lunch ready in the morning. If she chooses not to make something at home, then she can use the money I've given her. If she would rather have that money for other spending, then she can take her own lunch.

Well, it works pretty well. The biggest problem has been that I actually don't have cash on hand to give to her, but when I do, I try. It's a disappointment to her, I know, but she seems to understand that there's only so much money to go around.

Here's an extension of that deal. Last week she cut her brother's hair. We used to pay her about half the going rate for that, but this time she offered to barter her services as barber. My task this week is to make her lunches!

I know, I know, most "real" mothers in Japan (I mean Japanese mothers) show their love for their child by making superb boxed lunches. Once in a while I give it a shot, but it is HARD! However, Nozomi is now entering the week of preparing for interviews to get into university. The "Examination Hell" is just around the corner for her. But, she was awarded a chance to enter the university of her choice via recommendation. So, in order for her to put all her energy into preparing for the interview, she asked me to make her lunches this week.

It's time for me to do some menu planning! Here's one link that I've found helpful. Really cool Japanese lunched boxes. And this cook is not even Japanese and has never even lived in Japan (I think). Maybe there's hope for me yet!

Nice fight, Nozomi! I'm rooting for you!


Thursday's Child said...

Oh, those lunches look good! Well, I'd be a very bad mom by Japanese standards. But I'd gladly be adopted by one. ;)

Raggedy Lamb said...

Thursday's Child,
Sorry I'm so slow to respond to your comment. I'm still playing around with how to do this stuff! Thanks for stopping by!