Saturday, November 1, 2008

Greedy Halloween Memory

Forty years ago, my best friend and I were given permission to go Trick-or-Treating together! We lived several blocks apart in the suburbs of Detroit. We started on my block and worked our way through all the blocks between my house and hers. No paper bags for us that time! We were going for the haul, and we had hefty pillow cases in tow! I don't even remember what costumes we wore, but I do remember how thrilled we were to do this together and to go to so many houses.

We never reached our goal, though. The pillow cases were starting to get heavy. It was getting dark and cold, too! We decided to sit down on the curb for a little while to regain our strength. Then, out of the blue, my dad drove up to us. He was not very happy that we did not reach our goal. My friend's mother was expecting us an hour or so earlier and began to worry.

So go the grand plans of 10 year olds. As punishment I was not allowed to spend that Halloween night at her house. That was not too bad, because I was too pooped. If I had spent the night there, I would have slept! We wouldn't have been able to stay up giggling. The worse punishment was that my dad conviscated my candy! I'm sure he didn't keep all of it. What I did have lasted forever anyway.

What a funa dn silly memory. I look back and marvel that our parents indulged us in our own greediness that way. But, maybe they knew something we didn't. ;-)

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