Sunday, November 9, 2008

Makoto was sick last week

The past week Makoto (15) has been sick. He's big enough that it's not like you have to do everything for him. Still, it's hard to know what to feed him. And just when you thought he was getting over it, his fever would go up again during the night.

One evening he was resting on the sofa. It just happened that Anata and I were nearby. He mumbled something and Anata asked him, "What?"

"Mumba-shumba-hashi-tai," he garbled.

"What was that?"


I had just finished clearing his meal tray away and I thought he might be wondering what I had done with his hashi (chopsticks), since that's the only sound that resembled any word at all. "Your o-hashi?"


"It's okay, Makoto. I already put them away."


"What do you mean?" asked Dad. "Your leg?" Leg is ashi in Japanese, so Anata took a stab at that sound.

"Yeah, ashi ga itai." [My leg hurts.]

"Your leg hurts?" I asked.





"Mae." [Before.]





"Last year? Last year when you were playing baseball?"


Then he came out of it. Funny and freaky. He was looking right at us, but was not seeing us at all. We knew he was sleeping. Later we told him about it and he knew nothing of this interchange at all.

He should be able to go back to school tomorrow. I hope.

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Thursday's Child said...

I've done that in my sleep before. DH asked me one morning a few years ago about something I was trying to tell the night before. I barely remembered trying to tell him something but it was fuzzier for me by then than it had been for him.