Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dr. Roy Spencer's New Global Warming Website

Dedicated to keeping people informed of his latest research, and of his views on the escalating hysteria over manmade global warming.

No matter what weather event happens these days, someone is bound to blame it on manmade global warming. Snow in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, early cold across the U.S....anything and everything is now evidence that humans have screwed up the weather. Thom Hartmann on Air America recently used some convoluted logic to explain how global warming causes more cold and snow.

The truth is that unusual weather has always been...well...normal. It is perfectly normal for records to be set for cold, heat, rain, drought, etc. Since most locations have records extending back less than 100 years, it can be expected that they will, on occasion, experience some weather event that they had not experienced before.

So, how do climate experts know that unusual weather now is a sign of global warming? They don't.

I used to ice skate on nearby ponds or lakes when I was a little girl. I'm looking forward to knowing if this winter, there might be more ice skating outdoors back "home." Some people might be looking to go ice fishing on Lake Superior even!
For the first time in years, western part of Lake Superior freezes over
This is the most ice I’ve seen in December in years. … I wouldn’t go out yet, but if it stays cold and we don’t get a big wind, people will be out there fishing soon.

It's snowing here in northern Japan, too. And it's windy, windy, windy tonight. Time to go get under the covers!


Anonymous said...

If this "global warming" keeps up we will all freeze to death.

Raggedy Lamb said...

One way or the other, I guess!